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A post that has been paid for by a company. The post is created by myself and is all my own words and not in any way directed by the company. Usually the post will be on a relevant topic to the brand, and will always only be chosen if there is a good match between the company and the blog. Posts are added to the SPONSORED POSTS category (which can be seen labelled as such just under the title of that post) and there will always be a box at the end of the post with more details so that readers can get information if desired).


Companies send me products from time to time to review and as a result of trying them out they may feature on the site within a post. I only ever write about items that are specific to my readers and my own projects, and that I think would be of benefit. All opinions will be by own, and I only review items that I have used myself and loved.

I want to ensure that I can be trusted by my readers and the All The Kewt Things community, and I will not go against my beliefs within this blog.

Any reviews or comments made are my own (please refer to the disclaimer policy for more details) – and I will say when I like or dislike a product, and only ever recommend a product if I have used it and love it (which I will also clearly state in any comments).

I am very picky about which products I support, and I always have you, the reader, in mind when I pick them.

My aim is to make this blog the go-to place for your Invitation Design questions and to get advice, and I therefore link to any sites that I have found helpful and think you will too – please note that if you go to another site then you must satisfy yourself that the information given is relevant and true.

Any product claim, statistic, quote or details regarding products have been made in the best of faith, and should be verified with the owner/manufacturer of the product if in doubt at all (please refer to the disclaimer policy for more details)

Any views expressed are purely my own.

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