Pink and Gold Baby Shower Invitation

What are your favorite colors?  When it comes to a baby shower, especially a girl’s baby shower, it seems like pink is usually a main theme. But sometimes it needs a little bit of glitz! Adding a bit of gold in there turns a plain pink party into something awesome! A pink and gold baby shower is the perfect way to combine baby girl with glamorous!

I’m not going to lie to you, shopping for party supplies is kind of my thing. I love setting up for a party, even if it takes a little bit of time, and I love it when everything is finally put together!

It’s so fun to put together a glamorous baby shower! I went ahead and did some virtual shopping for you guys so you can get ideas for your pink and gold baby shower! I want to see some of your ideas too! If you do have a party, I want you to tag me on my instagram at All The Kewt Things!

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1. Add this balloon garland and tassel kit to your party decorations!

Are you creating a dessert table? Check out this fantastic Balloon Garland Arch Kit! With 110 balloons you’ll have enough to make an arch that you love! You do have to create the tassels yourself, so maybe give your self some extra time to put that together, but if you have enough time to do that, then you should be good! The end result will be worth the work if you want to spend the time on it! You can Click Here to shop these on Amazon!

2. You won’t regret buying this set of two, three tiered gold dessert stands!

I absolutely love these three tiered dishes. I have a ton of them at home, and I love pulling them out to place fruit, or cupcakes, or macaons on them. These one are pretty sturdy and they are gold! They will definitely match your Pink and Gold Baby Shower Theme! Once you buy them you can use them over and over again, and they make great displays for your keurig k cups or anything else you need organized around the house! Click here to shop this on Amazon!

3. If you love lanterns and banners, then this kit is perfect for your pink and gold babyshower!

Whether you want an extra set of decoration supplies or if you just like lanterns and hanging flowers better, this set of pink and gold decorations will be amazing for your pink and gold baby shower! My favorite part about this is the pink and gold banners that they include. One thing to keep in mind, the flowers do take a little bit of time to fluff up, so make sure you give yourself some extra time to get this done! Want to learn more about this set of decorations? Click here to shop these on Amazon!

4. You would love this set of 24 Gold Glitter Oh Baby Cake Cupcake Toppers for your babyshower!

Are you serving cupcakes at your babyshower or small desserts? If so. then these are perfect for your party! Use them to top pieces of cake or cupcakes, and spread them out on a white or ivory serving tray! They will look so beautiful! Shop these items by clicking here to go to Amazon! 

5. This set of 100 straws will be a perfect accent to your pink and gold baby shower!

These pink and gold straws are a fantastic addition to your party decor! The gold foil matches perfect with the light pink! They will look so cute with your drinks and there are plenty of them in a package! You definitely won’t have to worry about running out of straws before your party ends.  You can shop these by clicking here to go to Amazon!

5. These bright pink scalloped napkins will be a fantastic addition to your party!

So it might sound slightly dumb to get excited about napkins, but these are absolutely adorable! The onlu thing I might not like about about them is that gold doesn’t go all around the edges, but I don’t think its absolutely necessary. They look perfect when they are folded, and that’s what matters!  You can shop these by clicking here to go to Amazon!

What items are you planning on using for your pink and gold baby shower? Let me know in the comments below! and I’d love to see your party ideas as well! You can always email me your party pics at!

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