There is nothing more exciting than planning your wedding! What more fun can it be than to pick out all of your bridesmaids!  Creating my bridesmaid proposal box was so much fun. I filled it with some amazing things for my girls, including some monogrammed robes and champagne! Creating customized letters that I designed myself just added a great personal touch! If I do get a picture of them, I will definitely post them! I wanted to share with you guys what an amazing personalized touch bridesmaid proposal cards can have!


I designed all of these so that you can try them out in Corjl and even add a section for a letter on the back! With Corjl, you can create a great card that you can download and print at home, or you can take it to your local printer and have it printed! Check out these five bridesmaid proposal cards below, and if you want just a simple, unpersonalized card that you can print out at home, there is one at the bottom for you to download and print out! Let me know which card design is your favorite by leaving a comment below!

Pastel Floral Bridesmaid Proposal

 1. You need this pastel floral bridesmaid proposal card! 

If you are creating boxes with a pastel feel to them, this proposal card is perfect! It has gorgeous pastel roses in pink, peach and lavender, and the gold trim on the edges makes the card so adorable! Click Here to get a better look at it or you can add it to your cart here!

2. You need this vintage pink and beige floral bridesmaid proposal card! 

Is your wedding going to have a more vintage feel to it? Then this could be the card for you! It has a beautiful vintage paper in the background with gorgeous roses and other pink and beige flowers on it. You can Click Here to get a better look at it or even add it to your cart by clicking the button below!

3. You need this black and white hand drawn floral bridesmaid proposal card!

Love black and white? Who doesn’t! Take a look at this awesome card! It matches with anything you could possibly put in your bridesmaid proposal box! And it has a beautiful backing to match! Check it out here, or you can add it to your cart by clicking the button below!

4. You need this teal velvet with peach and pink flowers for your bridesmaid proposal card!

If you are a fan of rich colors, then you should definitely look at this bridesmaid proposal card! It has a rich teal velvet in the background and bright pink flowers up front! this picture definitely does not do the design any justice, you have to look at it by clicking here!

5. You need this vintage farmhouse floral and wood bridesmaid proposal card!

Finally, if you are going for that rustic, fantastic vintage farmhouse look, this is the card for you! It has so many gorgeous pink and peach flowers in it, and the wood in the back just makes it so complete! Click here to check out this template, or you can click below to add it to your cart!

Free Bonus Download Here!

While the above cards are able to be personalized for each member of your wedding, if you are just looking for something simple that you don’t need personalized, I went ahead and included a card for you to download here! You can print it out and have one for your Bridesmaid as well as one for your Maid of Honor! Just click below and it will download automatically!


Thanks For Reading Guys! Let me know what your favorite design is and if you would ever use a bridesmaid proposal card for your wedding!

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